Click here to download the Guidelines for Authors’ presentations.


The conference scientific programme will be divided in five (5) oral and two (2) poster sessions per day. CET morning and afternoon sessions will be distributed accordingly to the respective time zone of the presenters towards the optimum attendance of participants from Asian to US time zones.


Each Oral Session will include a Keynote (45 min) plus an Invited (35 min) plus three (3) Oral presentations (25 min). All presentations will be pre-recorded by the presenter and submitted in advance, being available during the full week (and further on) to the conference participants.


Each 1-hour Poster session will take place as a group of 10 minutes (maximum) video presentations, pre-recorded and submitted previously, together with a presenter-selected videoconference-link for online contact during the planned poster session timeframe. These short communications will be also available to the conference participants during the full week (and further on).


All videos must be submitted to the organizers before 1st October 2021