While the final details of the online conference programme are being finalised, please find below some preliminary information.

As the conference will be held online, there will be no daily parallel sessions. The conference will be divided into five oral and two poster sessions per day. CET morning and afternoon sessions will be accordingly distributed to cover the optimum attendance of presenters and participants from Eastern to Western time zones. 


All presentations will be video contributions, pre-recorded and submitted in advance by the presenter. Videos will be accessible for viewing on the conference platform during the full week. 


The Oral Session will include five presentations, among which at least three (3) will be regular oral presentations.  A maximum of two high ranked oral contributions (Keynote and Invited) will be included. 


The Poster session will be organized as a group of short video contributions.


The time allocated for each session will be exclusively dedicated to live interaction between participants and speakers (Question and Answers session) mediated by a moderator. Therefore, participants are invited to attend with the contributions already viewed.


The preliminary Conference Programme will be loaded by the end of June